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Electric on/off and proportional valves, Pressure control valves, Flow control valves, Directional control valves, Solenoid valves, Cavity valves, Emergency override valves, Check valves, Check valves, Compensated flow control valves, Relief valves, logic element, Pressure reducing valves, Load control valves, Direct acting cadrige relief valves, Pilot operated check-valves, Overcenter valves, Hoses  brake valves, Shuttle valves, End-stroke valves, Needle valves, Ball valves, Sleeves

Gear pumps:

Aluminium Single Pumps, Aluminium Multiple Pumps, Coast Iron Pumps

Group 0 / Group 0.5 /  Group 1 / Group 2 / Group 3 / Group 4

Hydraulic Power units:

AC Single/Double Acting , DC Single/Double Acting , Diesel Engine driven , Petrol Engine driven, Accessories

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